Magnetize Your Future, Next-Level Clients & Results, Now



Time gets to be manipulated based on your beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Time can be expanded...
anyone who has sat through something unpleasant can attest to this truth.

And time can be collapsed...
anyone who has been fully immersed in an enjoyable experience can attest to this, too.

When you understand how to view time in other ways outside of a linear sense- you can play and take more control over it.

There is a future version of you and your business.

This very real (future) you is playing at the levels you dream of playing now.

∞ She has the dream clients, signed.
∞ She has the revenue overflowing, consistently.
∞ She has the confidence and belief in herself and her vision, on lock and in alignment with her actions.
∞ And her wildest dreams are being realized in her current reality at rapid speed.

The only thing between the you now and the you of your future is time and the leaps you make during that time.


The faster you fully embody the ultimate you of your future, the faster time collapses and you begin to magnetize the next-level... now.


TIME COLLAPSE is your guide.

 After purchase, you'll receive instant access to the full training to go at your own pace



Maira Murphy 

“ WOW WOW WOW! I’m completely blown away by how powerful this Time Collapse training was. My world has already completely opened up and I’m seeing huge shifts in the universe leading me closer to the woman I’m meant to be. It’s like I’m already there. I’ve been approached by BIG opportunities, sending out 6 figure proposals, and living a more balanced and fulfilled life at home. It’s no coincidence that all shifted after I finished this training. The way you delivered this information hit so hard and so deep! The mind + universe are a crazy thing! My life has changed forever… thank you for making that positive impact! ”

Kayla  Paradis

As soon as Allie announced this offer, I knew I had to get in! Let me just say that I was blown away by all that I learned from this course. Allie has this incredible gift of simplifying complex information and sharing it in a way that makes you feel like you're getting the inside scoop from a trusted friend! I recommend Time Collapse for anyone who knows they're on the verge of a big shift and they want to move through it more quickly. This course will teach you the energetics, mindset and even strategies that will get you there. It's like a peak behind the curtain into how Allie has been making all the BIG moves she's been making! Highly recommend it!