Learn How to Start, Nurture & Grow a Podcast

that's Designed for Profit from Day ONE.


It's one thing to start and host a podcast, it's another to start and host a profitable podcast.

As business owners and leaders of our individual missions, when it comes to ANYTHING we spend our time doing in our business, the goal of profitability is key.

In this training you'll learn how to set up, nurture and grow your podcast in a way that's designed to become organically profitable, i.e. by sponsorship of your own business offers.

In my world, your podcast gets to be massively discovered AND directly growing your business at the same time- asap.

X No waiting for x amount of downloads before brands will even speak with you.
X No loss of integrity with your listeners in exchange for a few bucks.
X No wasting of your precious time.

If you are a new, current or aspiring podcaster and you want to learn how operate and host your podcast to be highly regarded with your dream listeners AND profitable for your business- this program is for YOU.


Topics covered in The Profitable Podcast:

βˆ™ podcast management
βˆ™ determining niche, vibe & overall mission
βˆ™ picking a juicy, enticing title + sub-title of podcast that is set to evolve with the brand over time
βˆ™what to put in your intro / outro
βˆ™ deciding length + frequency of episodes
βˆ™ podcast content strategy
βˆ™ social media content strategy with a podcast
βˆ™ creating episode outlines + recording episodes
βˆ™ how to create must-listen titles for your episodes
βˆ™how to get podcast review + how to manage them energetically (good/bad)
βˆ™ promotion of your podcast episodes
βˆ™ how to pitch, manage + record podcast interviews and swaps
βˆ™ how to sponsor your podcast
βˆ™ setting up smart podcast funnels

After purchase, you'll receive instant access to the full training to go at your own pace