The Amazing Women I've Mentored


Allie was recommended from a friend.

I have never been so grateful!


I started listening to her podcast and found myself binge listening and re-listening to take in all the amazing free content she gives. I followed her on IG and took a few of her trainings. I quickly realized that THIS was my coach for social media. She is so fun and laid back, real and giving with her audience.


I had the opportunity to take her Influence to Income Formula and my social media presence started to grow. I saw more engagement, more consistency and most importantly I had a game plan.

Then I had the chance to join her Mastermind

with VIP 1:1 coaching. Talk about GAMER CHANGER!

I cannot wait until I get the opportunity

to work with her 1:1 again.

I must admit I am an Allie Revees #lifer . Do not hesitate, question or wonder if it's worth it...IT IS!!!!!

- Sarah, CBD advocate, fitness/skincare guru

I cannot begin to thank Allie for her incredible class and getting to meet some amazing like minded ladies! I ended up opting to do the VIP 1:1 session with Allie, and I’m extremely happy that I did.


Being able to speak with her, and only her, for our session was honestly life changing for my content, and getting such a clear vision of how I wanted it all to look.


My engagement has increased, and my followers have increased significantly in such a short time I’m really amazed. I’ve also received countless compliments and comments that my content is on fire, and out of control amazing! They can see my excitement, and passion through my posts and stories which is helping me gain in all areas. I had my highest month in sales that month, and a lot of it had to do with my consistent content!


I am a mom, a makeup artist, esthetician, and I also run a side business as a social marketer sharing all about creating a healthier lifestyle. I have a ton of content to share, and thanks to Allie I now know how to share it all effectively.

Don’t second guess taking one of her courses or working 1:1. She delivers and goes above and beyond!

- Aleshia, pro makeup artist & esthetician

I took a few of Allie's courses before being able to schedule a 1:1 meeting with her and let me just say: GAME CHANGER.

She stays true to her IG name.


I knew the strategies and I was taking her free advice she had all over instagram.. but to actually get to talk to her and hear her tell me that my idea was going to be BIG was the push I needed to embrace my business and my goals.


I kept up doing the steps exactly how they're supposed to be done, worked reels and tiktoks heavy, per her advice, and I've seen the payout.


Since working with Allie I have gained followers on a consistent basis, my email list has grown 200% and I feel more connected to my business than ever.

I cannot thank Allie enough for the inspiration she has brought me throughout my business journey before, during and after our 1:1 time together.

- Sophia, social media strategist and expert

I call myself an Allie Reeves "lifer" because I sign up for just about everything she offers! 

When the chance to work with her 1:1 came up, I jumped on the opportunity and I'm so glad I did! 

From taking so many of her trainings, I had a great base knowledge of how to promote my products online, but sometimes you need some one-to-one help to kick strategies up a notch and that's exactly what happened.

I sell products and my own online course and I'm now able to show up more confidently with my “pitch” to show the value of each of my offers in my content. I've learned new ways to weave what I sell into my stories and posts to continuously show their value and spark interest & engagement. And REELS! I know how to use reels to further stand out in a fun new way. 

I love working with Allie and know I will work with her more in the future!!

- Laura, skincare and baby sign language expert

I have spent a few thousand (really!) on other courses for social media from some big names but they just didn’t resonate with me and honestly they fell flat!

I had been following Allie for a bit on IG, watching her amazing videos, took her hashtag course, and love listening to her podcast! So when I saw Allie was going to do some 1:1’s again I signed right up and didn’t even question it!


I have to say it was WELL WORTH IT!

I thoroughly enjoyed our 90 minute 1:1 and 7 days of voxer. I truly feel I got more than my money’s worth. I have learned so much from Allie in this short amount of time! I am truly impressed and I am not impressed very easily!


I am new to IG world and was really unsure of what to put into my bio, what to post, and how to write engaging captions, and most importantly, HOW to bring in income via my online efforts. Allie helped with all of that and is just a natural at it, no matter what industry you are in! I am in the health and wellness industry and she nailed it!


I was also really struggling with putting my actual face on IG and doing videos but Allie really helped me get out of my shell.

I feel so much more confident in how to use Instagram and reels to bring in the right kind of followers/clients.

Allie truly took out all of the confusion.

I will definitely work 1:1 with Allie again and I cannot wait!

- Janna, nutritionist and Lyme Expert

If I had a million dollars I would keep Allie Reeves on retainer for life!  Seriously she is the best coach, cheerleader & business asset you can find! 

Allie shoots it to you straight and gives you actionable steps to move your business in the right direction.  Allie takes the guess work out of what to post and helps you get focused and clear so you can show up confidently on social media. I have been able to shift my focus off the product I sell and on to how can I, Christy Lepley as a brand, add value to my audience.  She helped me realize what gifts I have and how I can share them so they resonate with people on social media. 

Since working with Allie my Instagram following has more than doubled, I am having meaningful conversations in my DMs, and I have a strategic plan for what I am posting.  She also helped me bring to life an idea I had been sitting on for more than a year!  Allie treats her clients like freaking gold and it is so worth the investment in yourself to have the privilege to work with her!

- Christy Lepley R+F Consultant & Podcaster 


My time in Allie’s Mastermind was absolutely mind blowing and amazing!

Allie is so knowledgeable about social media (specifically Instagram) and how to position yourself as a professional on social media platforms.

I’m so thankful to have found such a supportive, encouraging group of women, as well!


The Mastermind, paired with Allie’s other trainings, have taught me more than I ever realized there was to learn about social media and content creation. I would have invested my time and money a million times over to have the takeaway I did from the Mother Hustler Mastermind!

- Paige Thompson, Clarity Skin Solutions owner/licensed esthetician 


Allie was such a dream to work with.

She delivered more than I could have ever imagined!


We worked through ideal client profiles, defining my message, limiting beliefs, minor set backs as well as overall strategy to help me successfully launch a new business.


Allie knows her stuff, you won't be disappointed in making the investment for the mastermind! It's 1000% worth it!

- Sarah Bridgeman, Holistic Health Counselor


I thought I needed to have it all together before working with Allie bc she’s a queen. One day I just said screw it and reached out to her for a discovery call. Immediately I knew we needed to make the investment. 


Literally, within hours I felt I got my moneys worth. If you’re in direct sales, she’s like the upline everyone wishes they had. Not only does she see things from such a clear perspective, but she is also very creative which helps set you apart from the rest. After my initial investment I upgraded to the full mastermind and have worked with Allie for a total of 4 months. 


My time in the mastermind is coming to an end and as I reflect on how far I’ve come (my paycheck has grown 3-4x what it was most of last year). I know it was because of the support and encouragement I had from Allie. 

- Kathryn Shubert, R+F consultant


Being part of Allie’s mastermind was invaluable for me and my business growth.


I presented her with the ideas I’d had for my business for MONTHS and she helped me put them into action immediately. She was also honest to tell me if an idea didn’t seem to be worth my time.
Allie is an Instagram GENIUS and helped me go from being barely visible on the gram to having thousands of followers who are genuinely interested in what I share.


Probably my favorite aspect of Allie’s mastermind was having someone in my corner who genuinely cheers me on and wants me to succeed. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place at times, but thanks to the group zoom calls I was able to connect with multiple like-minded women who I still keep in contact with today. I literally can’t say enough good things about Allie and the benefit of her mastermind. It was a game changer for my business.

- Dr. Kristin Marchman, Chiropractor /
Young Living Gold Leader


As a physician, having influence with my audience is crucial in ensuring the success of their health and mindset goals. I approached working with Allie solely for the purpose of upping my technical skills with social media (hashtags, photo presets, bio layout etc) but what I received was all of that plus much, much more.  The truth is, many people can teach you how to use social media but what's special about working with Allie, is Allie. Her expertise as a coach comes naturally and instantly put me at ease. She uncovered problems for me that I did not even know I had, which allowed my to look at the big picture with a clear vision. While working with Allie my average reach on Instagram went from 1.5k to over 10k per post, my audience increased by over 3,000 followers, and my business increased by 30%. Not only did Allie deliver results, but she is now someone I have in my corner which is truly priceless.

- Dr. Cynthia Kempkinski, Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 12.45.21

Working with Allie was a dream come true - seriously. I had been following her for well over a year and had taken multiple workshops with her -  each one better than the last - and had my eye on the mastermind for-freakin'-ever. I must have read the description for it at least a dozen times, trying to come up with the right way to convince the hubs that THIS was what I needed for my business, that I needed to invest in Allie, and in myself.


I am IMMENSELY grateful that I did and having spent this time with Allie, I can say without a doubt that I hit the freakin' jackpot. Honestly, with her wealth of knowledge, her strategy, her straight-talk, all of the content that she offers and the pure quality of her coaching - the mastermind is worth every single penny and FAR MORE.


Allie helped me see myself as a REAL business owner and get crystal clear on what I actually want to be doing and the kind of impact I want to make. In the three short months that we worked together, I doubled my audience size, launched my first workshop and group coaching course, honed my niche and messaging, and made massive decisions for my business (and my LIFE) that I'd been dancing around for months. She pivoted with me time and time again, reigned me in when I started going off the deep end, and believed in me SO HARD I had no choice but to believe in myself. 


Allie Reeves is an absolute gem. She is as kind as she is the kick in the ass that you need, when you need it. Invest in Allie and give your business - and YOURSELF - the wings to fly. 

- Amy Jacobs, Fit Mom Coach 

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 1.40.36 PM.png

 I had contemplated hiring Allie to help me grow my online business for well over a month. I finally pulled the trigger, when I realized that if I wanted to take my business to the next level I needed to invest in some coaching. I did do my research on some instagram coaches prior and decided to go with Allie, because I had seen firsthand how she had helped a friend of mine. I love her strategy and she really helped me focus on the parts of my business that were most important for me personally. She educated me on several online tools/apps to help me organize and be able to plan and prepare for the things I wanted to achieve within my business. She is amazing with the knowledge she has and I'm thankful for all the resources and tools she gave me to continue growing my business!

- Skyla Simon, R+F consultant

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 1.00.38 PM.png

What I needed in my business was exactly what Allie gave me and more. She has such a knack for giving encouragement as well as giving the extra push to do some things I never would have tried before. I didn’t have anyone in my circle that could give me the guidance to grow my business in the way that aligned with me, but she was able to be that person for me. I have gotten so much more focused on the type of content I’m creating. I am more direct in my messaging according to what my goals are. And when it seemed like nothing was happening….Allie gave me the assurance that things will happen- and she was right!


Since signing on in the mastermind, I have added 3 new reps to my team. I have people reaching out to me versus doing any cold messaging, which I never wanted to do anyway. I am confident in training my team as well as starting the process of creating my own course in the future. 

- Heidi Singerhouse, Zyia Active rep.

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