Up-leveling...without the sabotage

So today we are talking about a topic that I truly find so interesting because it’s about how to go about upleveling your business and life in general- but in a way that is realistic and not as intimidating as making a quantum leap in some area of your life.

If you don’t know what a quantum leap is.. it’s basically going from zero to a hundred in a short period of time. So, for example, picture overnight successes.. or people that go viral with something.. it’s essentially massive growth in a short period of time.

And honestly, I’m quite fascinated with the concept of quantum leaps too. And not to go on too much of a tangent here, but I can’t mention quantum leaps and not share one of my favorite books of all time, You Squared. It explains how to go about achieving a quantum leap yourself. If that sounds intriguing to you, I highly recommend you grab that book because it’s the easiest read ever.. it’s literally only 36 pages long. So, you could read it once a day if you wanted to and you probably will, because it’s SOOO good and incredibly motivating.

And listen, I’m all about going for and believing in the quantum leap.. I do believe that it’s possible to make an exponential shift in an area of your life- but I personally think those massive changes are more possible when you have built up some momentum in that area of your life FIRST.

So, I know I said a second ago a quantum leap is like an overnight success.. but we all know that overnight successes only APPEAR to have happened over night, but when you really look into it.. that person’s been hustling for quite some time.

Today, we are going to be talking about how to start building UP that momentum that not only provides for steady growth and evolution in you and your business, but makes a quantum leap possible, too.

And like I mentioned in the very beginning of this- I write out out my podcast episodes ahead of time so I don’t leave anything important out. And I was working on it a little bit each day this week. As if God himself wanted to bless me with more material for this episode, I had a little bit of a meltdown this week. It lasted about a day and about midway through it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was experiencing the exact thing we are going to be talking about in this episode.

I know that’s probably confusing right now because I just told you we’re going to be talking about upleveling your business and you’re probably wondering how a meltdown contributes to that why we all aren’t millionaires. But it’s gonna make all the sense very soon, I promise.

Turning Up the Heat in Your Business

The topic we are going to be talking about in today’s episode is the concept of turning up the heat in your business.

And I did not invent this concept. People like Tony Robbins to Ed Mylett talk about this often. Here lately in my own life, I’ve seen a big, positive change in my own business. In episode 1 of my podcast, I explained how it was only a little over a year ago that I shifted the focus of my business from managing social media for large clients, to coaching women on how to show up effectively online. And while this past year has been amazing, it’s definitely been what has felt like very, very slow, sometimes painfully slow growth.

Thankfully, at about the start of 2019, I finally started seeing the fruits of my labor and some real traction. Naturally, because of what I do and wanting to coach you and my clients on how to grow your own businesses, I have been tracing back my steps to try and pinpoint what it was that I did. Because ya’ll, the me and my business a year ago compared to the me and my business now are night and day.

I went from making barely any money, having very little influence or direction, and feeling like I was constantly spinning my wheels, to finally making steady income, tripling my audience and engagement, and being crystal clear on what I’m here to do.

I came to the conclusion that I simply turned up the heat in my business incrementally over time.

So I’m going to explain how I went about doing that myself in hopes that you can see that not only is it possible for you to radically transform an area of your life, but it’s really not all that difficult to do so when you do it little by little over time like I did.

To get us started, I’m going to first backup and explain what this concept of turning up the heat even means just in case you’re new to it. We are all set and accustomed to a certain temperature in all areas of our lives- in our relationships, our wealth, our faith, our health and especially in our careers.

Which means, we get used to a certain level of success in these areas, or in some cases, we can get used to a certain level of failure, too. And when you stay there long enough, it becomes normal to you. It becomes the “temperature” you’re accustomed to, and you tend to do things that keep you at that level, or at least pretty close to it.

So this is really good, when you’re growing or when you’re able to get accustomed to succeeding, because often the actions that got you that success become habitual, therefore anything less isn’t even an option. BUT the opposite is also true right? This is also how people get stuck in negative patterns, again, because that temperature has become normalized.

So now that we know what turning up the heat means, how do we go about doing it successfully? And successfully is the key word here, because as you’ll learn in a minute, you can temporarily turn up the heat in an area, but to do it successfully means staying there and not going backwards.

So if you are wanting to successful turn up the heat in your business, you’ll have to do two things.

First, and this is a kind of a loaded one, you have to do something differently in terms of your actions, behavior and habits. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you can’t get there from here”, which to get to there obviously means you have to do something differently (AKA ya gotta turn up the heat).

What this looked like for me this past year was small adjustments I made every month or so.

I feel like that point is significant, because so often when we see someone killing it in some area of life, its very easy to do quick a running count of all the things they’re currently doing. Or size up their current success and then immediately compare it to where we are at and the things we are currently doing.

If it’s a big difference, I think that’s when a lot of people get discouraged and automatically assume they’ll never get there. But like I said earlier.. there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Most successful people apply this same principal I’m talking about right now, and by doing so consistently, they achieve that success. And guess what, you can do the exact same thing, at your own pace.

Some actions I personally implemented to turn up the heat in my business were:

  • I first got super clear on who my ideal client was, then I worked hard to make sure my messaging would resonate with her.

  • I had conversations with my audience to determine what kind of content and services they’d actually be interested in

  • Based on those conversations, I developed consistent content free and also created courses, workshops and coaching offers that I knew they needed.

  • All the while, I showed up more in video, stories and lives.. which, by the way, was something that I was very anxious and self conscious about at first.

  • I eventually created a mastermind

  • and most recently, I launched this podcast

Some habits that I adopted were:

  • Getting up at 5 am most days (depending on sleep) to get work done before crews got up

  • Reading and taking in some form of self development on a daily basis.. this really helped to keep me motivated and inspired for my own content development

  • I cut back on my beloved reality tv shows, because I needed to catch up on sleep or work

  • And I cleaned up my diet and started doing regular workouts.. which of course made me feel better overall, which naturally benefits my business

Now, I’m going to keep it all the way 100 with ya’ll- I do not do all of these things perfectly. Especially the regular workouts and diet part-my wellness journey is whack. There were plenty of times I wasn’t perfectly consistent when showing up on my social media either. Regardless, I didn’t let less than perfect execution of my routine deter me from getting back on the horse and trying again the following week.. which ultimately allowed those things to positively impact my business.

So that’s number one.. you first have to do things differently if you want to turn up the temperature in an area of your life.

The second thing you’ll have to do is allow yourself to get accustomed to that new temperature.

Because naturally when you turn up the heat, since it’s new and you’re not used to it yet, you’re gonna feel hot. And not in a good way. You’re going to probably feel uncomfortable at first, and maybe feel like it’s too much or maybe it’s not meant for you. Simply because you’re not acclimated to that level of success, intimacy, money.. or whatever it is that you’ve turned the heat up on

And TRUST ME you do not want to forget the second part. It’s often after someone has succeeded at something new that they commit some form of self-sabotage and this is exactly why-they aren’t comfortable or acclimated to that new temperature or level yet. SO, they get uncomfortable and they subconsciously do things to bring them back to their old ways.

Now, a classic example of this is someone winning the lottery or some how getting a large sum of money, only to spend it all and lose it in a short period of time.

Or a business example would be.. a work from home mom achieving growth in her business but not making space for the new growth, therefore getting overwhelmed and having a massive mental breakdown, freaking out on her husband and questioning every decision she’s ever made.

Yep, that is a condensed version of my personal breakdown that I was referring to earlier.

This is a very real thing that actually happened as I write this just two days ago. It’s a perfect example of the self sabotage that we need to be aware of, then be ready to avoid at all costs.

So for educational purposes, let’s break down my example since it’s fresh:

Like I mentioned, the most recent ways I turned up the heat in my business were creating and eventually filling my mastermind. Also, I launched this podcast. Both wonderful things that were goals of mine for this year.

While I was busting my butt to do both, and so focused on the end goal, I didn’t take much time to consider what that’d look like in terms of my schedule, once both were successfully achieved.

Right, like I knew obviously both would add additional work to my current load, but I didn’t set a game plan on how I’d make the actual space for it.

Within about a span of a week, in addition to my regular work load, I had a few more clients.. which meant additional one on one meetings, voxer messages, action steps to write, strategizing, all the things included in my mastermind. I also had a massive piece of content to write each week as well-my new podcast episodes.

I had to make space for these wonderful new developments somewhere in my schedule.. And since these things are non negotiable to me, and time is finite, that meant other things had to go. These things ended up being hours of sleep, my workout time, time with my family and time I’d regularly spend maintaining housework.

It goes without saying the things I gave up are also really important to me as well, and it didn’t take me long to feel the negative effects of their loss. Cue the meltdown and potential self sabotage.

This is how it played out for me- because of my newly borderline overbooked schedule, I already mentioned that I was skipping out on house work. Therefore, things had started piling up-laundry, clutter, dog hair, baby toys- the works. Then, when I’m already tired and irritable from life as a work at home mom, these things that were piling up started to really irritate me as well and instead of ignoring them and brushing it off, I started a cleaning rampage of the house.

This led me to mine and Chris’s closet, which led to the realization that I’d let it get to complete hell hole status, which led to the aforementioned downward spiral. It wasn’t pretty. All of my overwhelm and frustration had bubbled to the surface and I exploded.

Now, at this point, this could have gone many different ways. Whatever I chose to do after this would either a) keep me at the current temperature I had achieved or b) bring me back down to where I was prior.

In the past, having been less aware than I am now, I can imagine this scenario leading to actual burnout. With my first business, Bustle+Buzz, I had gotten to the point of overwhelm then too, but instead of readjusting my schedule and working around it, I continued the trend, thus burning myself out. I essentially ending up losing all momentum I had built in that business.

But now, because I’m aware of the risk of self sabotage, I know better. I know that if I want to continue growing and moving my business forward, I need to move some things around. What that looks like for me is doing things like coordinating with Chris so that on the days he doesn’t go to the gym, he can go in to work a few minutes later so I can fit a workout in. Or letting him know when I have a client call and need him to be home a little earlier to be with crews.

It also looks like bringing in more help- bumping up house cleanings from bi-weekly to weekly, and bringing in my mom or a nanny to watch Crews a few hours a week so I can get more done.

The point is, it’s ok to get overwhelmed or uncomfortable when acclimating to your new normal.

It’s ok to have feelings and get emotional when life gets out of the regular routine. We’re human.. it’s gonna happen.

What is NOT ok, is failing to address those emotions or the reasons behind them and letting them lead to self sabotaging behavior. That is NOT how we get things done.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about how and why we limit ourselves through means of self sabotage, definitely check out the book, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. He gets into more ways that we literally create unnecessary drama and problems to subconsciously keep us from reaching new heights of success. It’s truly fascinating.

If YOU are wanting to turn up the temperature in your own life- DO IT. Take action NOW.

I encourage you to take out a piece of paper or pull up your notes app on your phone and honestly assess which areas of your life you’ve allowed to cool down or remain at too comfortable of a temperature.

And be real with yourself. We get one life, ya’ll. You do not want to wake up in 25 years or even 1 year and realize you’re still doing the same things and living the same life simply because being comfortable was more important than the temporary discomfort of growth.

After you have your list of the areas you want to level up in, write out at least ONE way for each area that you can begin to take action this week. This can be a small incremental action. Starting small will allow yourself to stick with it and trust me, once you starting building up some momentum in that area, you’ll get more confident and will start taking bigger action later on.