9 | A Mindset Hack for LIFE

In this episode I am talking about a simple, but effective mental shift you can make to change the way you think about sales forever. If you have ever struggled with hearing no or felt discouraged when your leads don’t pan out, this episode is for you. I’m telling you all about how I handle hearing “no” from potential clients so that I can bring in the people I am meant to work with. I can’t wait for you to implement this mindset hack in your own life and business!

  • I introduce the number one mindset hack to transform your business-and it is so simple! (3:42)

  • Why being told ‘no’ isn’t about us and something we should not take personally when it happens (5:02)

  • How to look at hearing ‘no’ objectively and why sometimes it is a good thing in our lives and businesses (5:30)

  • You will be ‘no’ in order to sell, but first make sure you aren’t going about it in a sleazy way. (8:11)

  • Going about celebrating a ‘no’ and how to have a positive attitude towards it. (9:32)

  • I tell how I get told ‘no’ almost everyday in my business and how I practically apply this mindset technique and have seen it unfold for me (10:43)

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