8 | Your Secret Weapon for Success: Journaling

Wanna know how journaling led me to my husband and a fully booked mastermind? This episode I am diving in all about how journaling has made a huge impact on my life. I am talking about my skepticism when I first heard about it, and how I came to embrace it as an effective tool in my business. I teach you the ways journaling can benefit you, as well as the different methods for doing it. I also give three of my favorite journals and resources, no matter where you are starting out!

  • My skepticism with journaling and why it was hard at first for me to turn it into a habit. (2:05)

  • I read an actual journal entry I wrote in December and how it has manifested into my life today. (4:01)

  • How journaling increases your self-awareness and can be a form of output in the world of constant inputs. (7:11)

  • Journaling allows you to free up mental space and thus enables you to be more creative by getting out all of your thoughts onto paper. (8:53)

  • I tell you about one of the most profound questions my coach has asked me and how journaling on it can helped me get clear on what I truly wanted. (10:13)

  • How journaling can actually be a stress reliever and help you re-experience past emotions to process them from a new, more mature perspective. (12:12)

  • I outline a few ideas about you can journal and which one I used to manifest my husband. (13:56)

  • What limiting beliefs are and how you can use journaling to break through them once and for all. (14:38)

  • I talk about three of my favorite journals, which are linked below, and how you can use each one. (23:02)

Resources mentioned:

@Positive___Soul Insta Soul Therapy: A 365 day journal for self exploration, healing and reflection

@Macymcneely Insta

Daily Deposit Journal

@Thefabulousplanner Insta


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