6 | Makeover Your Whole IG Feed in 5 Steps

Today I am talking about 5 areas of your Instagram that you can spruce up to enhance the look and feel of your account. From your profile picture to your captions and everything in between, I am going over easy tweaks you can make so that your IG stands out from the crowd and is an effective marketing tool for your business. Best of all, you don't have to be a branding expert to implement these easy strategies.

  • Why your instagram feed is so important to growing your business- the decision for someone to follow you takes 3 seconds! (3:35)

  • The first thing people notice when they come to your profile and what you want to make sure you have in place. (6:40)

  • Why you should starting thinking of your bio as your business card & what you must include on the first line and bottom line and tips for the in between. (8:58)

  • All about your highlights and how they are an easy way to reflect your brand. I talk about my biggest recommendation if you do use highlights on your profile. (12:58)

  • The biggest part of your Instagram account and what most people struggle with when they are starting out in their business. I am also giving you a few easy ways to create a cohesive feed without feeling overwhelmed. (14:56)

  • The apps I use the most for photo editing and recommend to my clients to make their photos look high quality and IG feed ready. (17:28)

  • I talk about the flow of the pictures on your feed and two ways to make them look consistent like they are meant to come together as a whole. (21:35)

  • How using an instagram planner app helps you have a birds eye view of your feed to plan and arrange your photos before you post. (25:55)

  • The final area to focus on in your IG feed makeover and a huge mistake people make when creating their captions. (26:38)

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