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Today we are talking about the ideal client profile and why you need one. I know, I know. Some of you may have skipped the “ideal client” part of all your business trainings. I am here to tell you that going through the exercise of defining who you are speaking to is so important. Not only does it make content creation easier (who doesn’t want that?), but it also helps you attract the right people to your products and services.

  • I break down what an ideal client profile is and why I think they are so important (1:40)

  • How creating an ideal client profile has helped me and how YOU can very quickly and easily create one for your own ideal client. (2:50)

  • Why talking to everyone is really talking to no one and why you want to attract the RIGHT people to your business. (4:08)

  • I walk through how when you have your ideal client identified how much easier content creation is and how it helps you fine tune your message. (5:50)

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