3 | Up-leveling...without the Sabotage

In this episode, I am talking all about turning up the heat in your business and that it may be easier than you think to see some significant momentum. I will be walking you through actionable ways to level up in your business and how to deal with the inevitable self-sabotage that comes from making leaps forward. Yep, I am walking you through my own recent self-sabotaging moment and how I am handling it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Finally, I will be giving you action steps to take NOW to start turning up the heat in your own business.

-Learn what a quantum leap is and why I believe it takes building up momentum FIRST to make those quantum leaps possible (1:39)

-How I made small incremental changes that changed my business drastically over the last year (4:54)

-The concept of turning up the heat and what it means for your business (6:31)

-Why you have to change your behaviors, actions and habits to see traction and what that looked like for me (8:10)

-AND once you are taking new action and have better habits, you must also get accustomed to the new temperature you are operating at in order for it to be sustainable and continue moving forward (11:51)

-I discuss how turning up the heat can lead to self-sabotage and I walk you through my OWN meltdown that happened just last week (12:33)

-Now that I am aware of what self-sabotage looked like in my life, how I am handling it and making sure it does not happen again (16:55)

-Ready to level up in your own business? I describe something you can do THIS WEEK to start turning up the heat (18:39)

-Announcing my newest workshop: “It-Factor Influence: How to Create a Brand and Mission that Stands Out and Attracts” and how you can get $20 off when registering before March 24 (19:59)

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The Big Leap


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