Instagram Story Tips & Tricks

Today, I’m going to give you some handy dandy Instagram story tips. This is a hot and very requested topic because as I’m sure you already know, Instagram stories is where the party is at right now. It’s where all the engagement is, which is why I’m constantly (or I feel like I’m constantly harping) to my audience and clients to be showing up in their stories as often as possible.

And speaking of harping. I do talk about the potential of stories A LOT and for good reason. Again, it is where all the engagement is and more and more people are utilizing and watching stories themselves. I use stories for my own business quite a bit. I’d say on average I use them 5 days a week, but I wouldn’t consider myself like a crazy story user. I’m not one who posts 20 + stories a day, taking their audience through every little experience throughout the day, you know?

By the way, I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. Some of my favorite influencers built their whole businesses on stories by posting all day everyday and are KILLING it. But I wouldn’t consider myself to story on THAT level. Mainly because it’s not very easy to do when I have Crews with me most of the day, so I typically pop on from time to time to keep my people in the loop about what’s going on content and business-wise and that’s about it.

BUT I do know how valuable they are in building rapport and trust with your audience, which is why I’m urging everyone to utilize them more.

SO..this past week I did a little experiment. I decided I was going to start ramping up my own story usage and I was going to be showing more behind the scenes too. Not just keeping my stories strictly business related, but peel back the curtain a bit and show what I do before and after my work day and even some weekend activity as well.

And that’s what I did for 7 days straight. I showed up in stories and posted way more than usual. Out of pure curiosity to see if anything would change in my engagement and business and no surprise, it actually did.

First of all, my engagement was up overall. I went back and looked at my reach for the beginning of the month when I was using stories less and compared it to the week I started using them more intentionally and the week after. Overall, my reach was higher (reach is the amount of unique accounts see your posts on instagram).

My likes were a little higher across the board and my story view average was increased as well.

AND I received way more dms than I typically do. A lot from people in my audience who have never messaged me before, which I was excited about because these are new connections I’m making, which is always a good thing.

Second, I got more business inquires and sales. During this week I was re-selling one of my most popular workshops. I knew I would sell a decent amount, but I surpassed what I thought I’d sell, and I know I can attribute that to being more visible and talking about the offer in my stores more than I usually would. I also had more women inquire about the mastermind and 1:1 support- which was encouraging.

SO, I just wanted to start this off by letting you know that showing up in your stories not only benefits you by helping your audience get to know you better, but they really do impact your reach and engagement on the rest of the platform as well. Hopefully, if before this episode you weren’t consistent in your stories or still not showing up much at all, this will help convince you to change that!

OKAY! So, let’s get to the tips and tricks.

First, let’s talk some logistics because right now, a lot of us are experiencing some weirdness with our stories and uploading stories and I’ve personally found some ways around it that may help you.

Instagram used to allow us to record up to ten 15 second increment clips and upload them at one time. Now, you think you are recording up to 10, but Instagram is only saving four of them. So, right now you can only record four 15 second

My way around this is to record 4 at a time and then post 10 of those. If I don’t feel like stopping a minute at a time, then I will record a video on my phone and use the cut story app to cut it into 15 second increments.

Moving on to the rest of the tips:

  • Share business-related stuff and also behind the scenes

  • When talking business, get to the point quickly + caption a teaser so they know to keep watching

  • Potentially caption all of your stories (40% of IG users watch with sound OFF)

  • Use GIFS and fonts to entertain and drive important points home

  • Use polls and questions sticker to prospect potential customers/clients

  • Encourage clients/customers to tag you in their stories and be sure to reshare

  • Share your posts into your stories for max engagement

  • Engage with other people’s stories too

It all boils down to:

  • Be consistent and show up

  • Be entertaining to hold attention

  • Take people behind the scenes to build trust

  • Encourage engagement and go out and create your own

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