Fast Track Your Success with This Simple Exercise

I had a mini-epiphany the other day and I wanted to share it with you, because it really motivated me and helped me to have a better understanding of how I want to show up for my business and on social media.

So, to give a little back story. A couple of months ago, I started following this girl on IG who is a coach for other female entrepreneurs, which is pretty normal for me, but not long after following her, I got really caught up in her social media. I LOVED IT. Just her whole presence and brand and the content she was sharing, and how she showed up OVERALL really got my attention.

I caught myself thinking very early on “wow, I wonder if she does 1:1 coaching or a mastermind or something like that”. I just started having these thoughts about how if and when I am ready to sign on another coach for myself, I’d like to work with her.

And, as this was happening, I was surprised to realize how eager and excited I was to work with someone who, at the time I started having these thoughts of wanting to work with her, I barely knew anything about! Right? It was very impulsive and basically a gut feeling that THIS was my girl that was going to be my next coach.

I remember I was cleaning one day and thinking about it that weird?? Is it weird that I have NO clue how long this chick has been in business herself. Or how long she’s been coaching other women. I’ve never looked at her reviews or testimonials. Yet, I was ready to invest in her coaching very soon after coming across her, basically based off a first impression!

And then it kind of hit me… what is the first impression I’M giving off to my new followers??

Right?? Because maybe you think like this too, but I have always operated under the assumption that it takes time for people to get to know you. Yes, we are growing our accounts and getting new followers at all times. I figure those people will be following me for a certain period of time before they get to know me long enough to want to work with me on a 1:1 level or buy one of my workshops or something, which I’m sure is true for a lot of people.

But that wasn’t the case for me. And I’m SURE I’m not the only odd ball out there that goes off her gut for decisions like this. If it’s true for me, it’s gotta be true for others on some level and it was super eye opening for me.

It made me think of my audience and clients. It made me think of all the women out there currently holding themselves back or not showing up as their fullest versions of themselves, because they think they have to have a certain level of knowledge or experience FIRST to be credible. Then once they have it...THEN they will start showing up fully and consistently. Right???

And what people find (and what I have certainly have found to be true) is first of all, there’s no mayor of the internet who’s going to give you permission to do anything. So, you don’t need permission or a certain level of knowledge or years of experience to start showing up as the boss you’re meant to be.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, it’s really hard to attract in ideal clients and customers when you aren’t being the type of person they want to work with. Think about that.

How many of you are saying right now..when I get this many customers.. or when I get to this level of whatever.. then I’ll start taking my social media more seriously. Or then I’ll start doing those lives or stories that I know I should be doing. Or when I get to this level THEN I’ll invest in coaching or that thing I know will help me reach those big goals of mine.

And of those operating under those conditions, how many of you are having a difficult time getting to that next level you want to get to because the products aren’t selling easily or you’re having a hard time growing your team?

What I’m getting at is, maybe you’re having a hard time because you’re working backwards. You think you gotta earn something first before you start showing up as the type of person who earns it. In reality, if you flipped that and started showing up as the person who earns what you want and start taking action from THAT place THEN you will start attracting people into your business who are also on that level. right?

This coach is a perfect example of this. Like I already mentioned, I knew nothing about her. She could have had 10 failed businesses prior to that day. She could have been struggling to grow her own business or anything like that. If that’s true- no one would have had a clue because on the day I started following her and every day since then she’s been showing up as a total and complete boss. Within days of knowing she even existed, I was ready to invest in her.

Does that make sense??

So my point is, it doesn’t matter what has happened in your past. It doesn’t matter how wishy washy you might have been before or how inconsistent or unproductive or irresponsible or whatever negative label you’re letting hold you back right now. If you aspire to grow your business online and make the sales quotas and earn the trips and grow the dream team. All the things. You can start showing up as that person who does that thing right now.

You don’t need permission. You don’t need anything to start. You just need to start stepping into that persona of that version of you who has her stuff together and gets the things done. And every day when you wake up, you have to remind yourself who you need to be that day to achieve the things you want. And keep doing that.. everyday.

And before long, that’s how people will start looking at you. And treating you. You’ll start attracting in that business. Everyone who comes across you from this point on will be none the wiser of who you maybe think you were yesterday.

Okay? So here’s what I did with this aha moment that I would love for you to do as well:

I made a list of all the qualities in this coach that attracted me to want to work with her.

Everything from her confidence to the way she took care of herself to how much she was showing up in stories and her facebook group. The type of content she shared that I found interesting, even non business related. I paid attention and wrote down all the things that made me want to work with her.

Then I got honest with myself on where I’m currently dropping the ball in my own presence. In what ways are my current strategies and habits differing from the type of coach I aspire to become and how can I get mine more aligned to attract my ideal client.

So do that for yourself and you don’t have to be a coach to do this of course. A lot of you are currently growing teams or maybe you’re wanting to start working with a certain level of client. Ask yourself, if you were in your client or future team member’s shoes, what makes you want to work with someone?

Or maybe you have someone in mind that you look up to, but ask yourself how do they show up? What is their appearance like? What things do they do day to day? What qualities attracted you to your upline or someone in your industry that you look up to? Then, once you get clear on that, notice where your current behaviors differ and strategize on how you can shift them more toward what you’re wanting to create for your own business.

Okay? And remember, the past is gone. Stop letting it hold you back. The faster you start acting as the business owner of the business you want, the faster you will create it. And first impressions are EVERYTHING.

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