Be Willing to Do These 2 Things if You Want to Succeed Online

Today I am giving some insight into a conversation I had with one of my sweet followers. Basically she sent me a message a while ago asking for some advice and I HAD to share it with you, because it’s not the first time I’ve received messages like this. I’ve also heard comments like this in passing, and I feel like it needs to be addressed because a lot of people feel this way- I know I have too.

Here’s what the message said word for word (and even though I’m not sharing the name of this woman, of course, she did give me permission to talk about this) but she wrote:

“ALLIE- I hope you don’t mind me asking this of you.. but I’m a serious mess right now and at a loss for what to do and I don’t know why but I felt like you’d be someone I should reach to since you know what works on instagram and what doesn’t. But first let me start out by saying.. I love what I do. I really believe in the business I work for and I would say I’m passionate about what I sell. I got into this business because I loved the products and dream of leaving my full time job because it sucks the life our of me. And I see other women succeeding all around me so I know it’s possible.. but no matter how hard I try something is not clicking for me. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and my sales are ok.. but I’m nowhere where I need to be to ever leave my other job. I’m not writing you for sympathy.. I’m writing you because you work with a lot of women in direct sales and I’m asking for your professional and HONEST opinion.. Should I walk away? I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time and although I know the potential is there.. I can’t shake the feeling that I just may not have what it takes.”

When I got this message, my heart hurt for this woman. I could feel the discouragement in her words and I’ve been there. I know what that feels like and it’s not fun. Here’s the thing, I couldn’t possibly answer that for someone in a responsible way, right? There are so many factors that need to be weighed to make that decision.

I don’t know what her financials look like, how much time she’s actually putting into working the business, anything about the support she has, etc.. However, I did take a quick look at her Instagram page and just from doing that alone, I knew I had value I could share anyway. I knew I could share some hard hitting truths she could ponder so that SHE could make the decision that’s best for her. So, I’m going to share with you exactly what I sent her, except I’m going to go into more detail here because I feel like all of us need to hear this at some point- myself included.

I would not be in the business I’m in if the potential to succeed and thrive online wasn’t there and available to ALL OF US. Every single one of us. That was the main thing that inspired me to work with women solely, because I had worked in social media for years and watched how the landscape evolved over time to get easier and more accessible for the average person to figure out and profit from.

Especially once I had Crews, I saw how I was able to turn a profit working mostly during nap hours, which is where my passion ultimately came from to help other moms and women in general learn the techniques so that they could do the things they loved from the comfort of their own homes or wherever for that matter. I centered my whole business around that passion. Not because it’s a pipe dream only possible for a chosen few, but because it’s a very possible reality available to every single person that is willing to work for it.

I think that’s the part that people get stuck on. Social media has the connotation of anything BUT work, right?? Understandably so, because most of the population uses social media to distract themselves from work or other things they should be doin-to waste numb emotions... to avoid reality...

So, when someone signs on to sell a product or service and they’ve never used social media as a business tool before, I’ve found there’s a disconnect that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, they’re neglecting or misusing their best tool and ally to grow their business and reach a market they couldn’t possibly reach without it.

So there’s two things here that need to be understood:

1. Just because you’re using social media to grow your business doesn’t mean it doesn’t require as much work as other typical jobs… the work just looks different.

The cool thing is (and again, why i LOVE what I do), the better job you do with your work on social media, the more you’ll get rewarded via sales and business opportunities. The growth possibility is literally endless. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s the freakin internet. You can’t say that for a lot of other jobs out there. There are people busting their butts for 12 hours a day who will never be able to surpass some sort of cap they may have in the company they work for, right?

I’m sure you can think of people, maybe even yourself, who are faced with that reality too. So, if you are serious about wanting to grow your business online and via social media, you better take it as seriously as any other job. Which means you gotta show up to work.

Your new office is Instagram, Facebook, and any other platforms that make sense for your business. Your job is to foster connections, grow your audience and create valuable content that keeps your people engaged. The people that are killing it online aren’t the ones dipping their toe in and showing up for work inconsistently. The ones who are thriving are the ones who have gone all in and are fully committed to growing their influence and income.

So that’s the first thing. Your business isn’t going to grow overnight and without some work. It’s going to take time and effort.

If you’re hearing that and you’re like YES I get it. I wanna go all in. This makes all the sense. But wait… I’m still confused on how to do it well so that I’m not spinning my wheels and wasting my time. Which brings me to the second thing that needs to be said:

2. If you don’t know what you’re doing online, it’s your responsibility to get trained.

Again, just like any other job, if you get hired and have never worked in that industry before or have never used specific tools, more than likely your boss is going to make sure you get trained on all the things so that you know what you’re doing..right?? Or you’re going to do whatever it takes to figure it out. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting fired.

Well guess what girlfriend?? In social media land, you are your own boss. WIth that awesome title comes some serious responsibility. If you don’t know how to do something in your job description, you have to get trained on. It is as simple as that.

So, there are a few options here. You could go to google university and get to work. You can find literally anything and everything online and for free nowadays. OR if you want something more specific and detailed, there’s probably a course for that. There’s definitely someone somewhere that will teach you what you need to know. Ask around for recommendations or do a quick search online and see what comes up..

If that all seems daunting or you want to fast track the learning process, you can invest in hiring a coach or joining a mastermind. And I will say this…it is a beautiful thing that we can learn almost anything we want to learn for free online. Anything we need to know is at our fingertips. But it’s been my experience and many would agree that something magical happens when you put your money where your mouth is and actually invest in your business. Otherwise you have no skin in the game as they say, and you’re likely to not follow through like you would if you invested your money into something.

But either way, it doesn’t matter how you decide to go about honing your online skills as long as you’re making the effort to do so.

And listen, it’s okay that you’re confused right now and not sure how to properly do hashtags and talk to your audience and create the type of content that converts. That’s not something people are born knowing how to do. But you’re likely not going to wake up tomorrow or in a week with this knowledge in your brain, right??

I mean, I guess you could trial and error your way to some success, but do you really want rely on that strategy..or lack thereof?? Probably not. So if you know deep down that your social media skills are lacking, do yourself and the future of your business a favor, and seek the appropriate training. Because once you know what you’re doing online and you start doing it consistently, that’s when changes and growth occurs. And like I said, the possibilities and opportunities are ENDLESS.

That’s what I told my sweet friend. The potential is there. It’s NOT a pipe dream. It just requires real work and you to learn how to show up effectively on social media. The only reason you should walk away is if you’re not willing to do those two things.

I hope this helped you and I hope you know my tough love comes from a good place and from experience of having been there myself and learning these things the hard way.I share this stuff with you so that you can save yourself some time and hopefully some mistakes along your journey so that you get to the fun part of online business.

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