Thousands of Dollars in Sales Thanks to This...

I’ve got a short but mighty little post for you today. I’m sharing something I do every few months that I know for a fact has contributed to thousands of dollars in sales for my business. The thing I’m referring to is: I actually fill out an ideal client profile and keep it updated

An ideal client profile is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a profile that breaks down tons of details about the EXACT person you want to sell to, work with or add on to your team so that you can have a thorough understanding of that person. Then you can create specific offers and content that serves them.

I know, trust me, I used to think ideal client profiles weren’t necessary or they were silly or busy work. I truly cannot remember what made me finally use one for my own business, but I’m so glad I did because it’s been a game changer. Not only in terms of sales but it also helps immensely with content creation too.

First, let’s get a little more into how this profile has helped me then I’ll share how YOU can very quickly and easily do one for your own ideal client. *hint* I already have one made for you and I’ll share how you can grab it at the end of this post.

Now, how I know this has contributed to significant sales for me is because several of my 1:1 clients or women who have purchased my courses or workshops have said at some point something along the lines of “I feel like you were speaking directly to me..”, “this is exactly what I needed to hear” or “are you in my head?” when referring to my content.

And that’s one of my favorite things to hear because it tells me at least 2 things:

1. I’m familiar with my ideal girl

2. I’m doing a good job creating content and offers that resonate with her

And so often when I get push back about doing an ideal client profile, it’s because someone doesn’t understand the value of speaking to one person versus speaking to the masses, right? Like you may be wondering right now why would you narrow your focus so much, especially when you’re selling a product or service that maybe everyone and their momma would be a good fit for.

And I totally hear you.. but here’s the thing, here’s why you gotta do it:

When you’re talking to everyone. you’re talking to no one - I’m sure you’ve heard that before but really let that sink in.

When you’re talking to everyone. you’re talking to no one because your messaging is so broad that it’s likely very watered down or commercial, which means it’s not going to stand out. We know what happens next, right? Then follows the inevitable downward spiral of little engagement, little love in the algorithm, and little sales, which of course is what we are here to avoid.

Also, something else very important to consider. You’re not trying to attract just anyone to your business. Think about it. Who would you rather sell to? Someone who only buys when there’s a discount code or after asking a million questions about a $30 product? Or someone who understands the value of what you sell and makes the decision to buy quickly?

Or even more importantly, who would you rather sign on as a team member? Someone who is self motivated and puts in the work? Or someone who requires a ton of attention and energy from you just to do the bare minimum?

You CAN begin to control to an extent who you’re attracting into your business, but you have to learn how to speak that person’s language first. You have to get their attention, and you can do that so much more easily with an ideal client profile.

The second part that has helped me immensely in my own business is once you do this work and you know on a very personal level who you’re talking to specifically, creating content gets SO SOOO much easier. Instead of trying to make the masses happy and trying to serve a broad spectrum of humans that you have no business serving, you’re now focusing on one.

What does SHE need to hear? What is SHE struggling with right now? What questions does SHE have? What product details is she interested in learning more about?

Right? That little shift and fine tuning of your message will make a huge difference in the power of it and again, who it resonates with.

So, if you haven’t already or maybe it’s been a while, I really encourage you to take the 10 minutes to do one of these. Make sure you’re being specific and honest about who you would LOVE to work with, but most importantly don’t forget to actually implement this into your content.

The magic happens when you take what’s in that profile and then refine your captions and your stories as if you were speaking to this one, fabulous woman directly. A little tip to actually name her when you get done with the profile. Then pretend every caption you write is a personal message you’re sending directly to your girl.

Speaking from experience here. This really works.

So, if you want to grab the exact ideal client profile I use for my own business, and the one i make all my 1:1 clients fill out too, I’m hooking you up with a download.

You can grab it here or the link in my instagram bio: @allieireeves

Definitely grab that and do it, because when your messaging starts to resonate, it starts to pay off, literally.

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