How to Provide Value to a Cold Audience

A cold audience are the followers that have not directly interacted with your business, therefore they are not ready to buy your product or service because the trust hasn't been established, yet.

If you're thinking to yourself "oh no, that's like 95% of my social media audience!" don't panic- you're in the majority!

But this is also why it's so important to not overly promote or sell in your posts.

Read that again- it's SO important to not overly promote or sell in your posts.

First, that's annoying and a quick way to get unfollowed.

Think about it, we all know that one person whose every-other post is a sales pitch.

It gets old, right? Don't be that person!

And second, trust isn't something easily earned. Your goal should be to slowly and intentionally build a rapport with your followers in order prove your value and your expertise on the product / service you've built your business around.

This way, when you are ready to launch your new product, or book out appointments, you've already laid the groundwork and cultivated those relationships, so that people are rushing rather than hesitating to work with you.

Ways to convert a cold to warm audience:

1. Get really specific about your ideal client/customer and the challenges they face, then provide a solution.

- When creating content for your audience, the questions you should be asking yourself are, "how can I provide value for my followers today?" "What problem can I help solve for my audience?" The more information you know about your ideal client and audience, the easier these are to answer.

2. Provide your audience with FREE strategies and tips based on their challenges and the product/service you offer.

- This is where the work comes in- CONTENT CREATION.

Consider all the social media accounts out there, consider all the businesses that are similar to yours, vying for the same attention. What makes YOU stand out? What can YOU provide that makes people want to follow your page and give you a piece of their much sought after attention?

The answer isn't constant sales pitches, it's the content you provide.

3. Share your work, track record, numbers and wins.

- Don't be scared to humble-brag on yo-self every once in a while! Mixing some of these posts into your social media will help establish trust and credibility. Great ways to do this: Showcase work you've completed for a client. Re-purpose a raving review into a branded graphic. Celebrate and share any features of your work.

4. Engage. Answer questions. Be the expert.

- Get people talking, then be sure to provide feedback and answers on their thoughts.

If someone takes the time to do more than simply double tap on your image, it behooves you to take the time to respond.

This is your opportunity to further show your interest, expertise and passion about the subject and someone's interest in it. Also, by thoughtfully engaging with someone on your post, they're more likely to engage again in the future.

*Facebook groups are an excellent way to gauge and answer the questions of a particular audience!

5. Don't be afraid to get personal.

- Creating content outside of sales promotions isn't always easy, and often requires some creativity.

A highly effective way to add variety AND help your followers get to know you better is by incorporating glimpses of your personal life into your social media mix.

If you're a private person and would rather not introduce your kids and spouse to your business account's followers, that's totally fine! Behind-the-scenes posts work great, too.

The point is, you want to remind people that they're not just buying into a business or bottom-line, there's a person behind the posts too. And the more you share outside of your business, the more people can feel like they know and trust you.

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