How to Batch Content a Month at a Time

If you create blogs and/or social media posts for your business or someone else's and you don't batch out your content in advance... let me tell you, you're in for a treat.

The day I finally got this concept through my thick skull was the day creating content for my business went from being a chore to an enjoyable, creatively fulfilling task.

And I'll be honest, there are some weeks that I've fallen behind for whatever reason, and I therefore have to come up with content on the fly. Not only is that stressful and sucks the fun out of the whole process, but there's no doubt the quality of my content suffers as well.

So I really try and stick with this method, no matter how crazy my work schedule gets because it's absolutely worth it.

Heads up- I see a lot of blog posts on how some people batch out months worth of content in a day, and while that is fabulous for them, it simply doesn't compute for me. (unfortunately)

Maybe my posts are longer, or I cannot focus long enough in one day to get it all scheduled how I like it, but again, this is just how I have to do things and it has worked great for me!

I break up the entire process into two to sometimes three days a month, depending on how much I get done each day.

I block off each of the days into my schedule wherever they fit- meaning, sometimes they do not always get scheduled consecutively, although it's easier if they are.

**TIP** During each day, I try my best to get rid of all distractions:

- phone on airplane mode, or at least on silent

- all internet tabs closed / notifications turned off

- when the hubs worked from home with me, I would be sure to let him know it's batching day, code for DO NOT DISTURB

- I put on my headphones and play music from iTunes "focus" playlists so I don't get easily distracted from background noise

Day 1: Strategy + Research + Blog Creation

- I cover a topic a week via blog, so on day one I take a large desk calendar and map out the topic for each week, plus the associated posts I'll use to promote the blog and any other non-promotional posts for that specific week on Instagram/Facebook.

- If a topic requires research or notes for me to write the blog, I'll do this after I have everything mapped out.

- I get started on writing the blogs for the month. Typically this carries into day 2.

Day 2: Finish Writing Blogs

- I think there's only been one day I finished all four blogs on day one... I don't know which superhero took over my body that day, but 99% of the time a whole day 2 is required for me to knock out the rest of my blog creation for the month.

Day 3: Post Scheduling + Image Haul

- I use Planoly to schedule out my Instagram, and on day 3 I get on the desktop version and schedule out my posts for the month.

- Planoly, and I'm sure other Instagram scheduling tools, allow you to upload images ahead of time to the app (before they actually get posted on Instagram) so you can plan out your feed how you like it.

I have several unused images uploaded from my own personal photo shoots and my stock image subscriptions, so I will go through at this point and see which ones can be used for the upcoming month's worth of posts.

- If there is not an image that I can use for a particular post, I will simply create a placeholder for it.

- Finally, for any days with placeholders that need images, I go through my stock image subscriptions and download any pictures that fit in well with my feed!

And there you have it- that's the way I found works best for me when batching!

That being said, everyone is different- so if you have never tried to schedule out your work in advance, my advice would be to try out a couple different strategies, then personalize it in a way that works best for you and your schedule.

Good luck!

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