How to Identify and Attract Your Ideal Client

Ever heard the saying "when you're speaking to everyone, you're speaking to no one" ?

Well, my first two years in business allows me to personally attest to the truth in that quote.

I knew good and well I needed to narrow my audience and get more specific about who I was speaking to, but for some reason I tricked myself into believing that was a bad idea because if I only spoke to a certain group, that meant I was leaving out other groups...and why on earth would I want to do that?!

More groups = more opportunities for income, right?

Not exactly.

First, not everyone is going to be interested in my product or service.

I mean, duh- that sounds super obvious... But sometimes that's easy to forget when you are marketing yourself to the world. If you aren't being very specific with WHO you are talking to, then you're being too broad, which is like assuming everyone wants to hear what you want to say.

Second, I am not interested in working with everyone.

When I first got started with Bustle+Buzz (my first business, where I did digital marketing for local businesses in my area) I got really lucky and landed a couple of medical practices as my first clients. I say lucky because they were wonderful clients to work with and they both paid the upper tier in my pricing options. Which was a huge ego boost since I was just getting started working for myself. And although I was making an excellent income and learned a ton in the year they were signed on, I came to the realization that working for medical practices wasn't my "thing."

After making those two realizations, I became more comfortable with the fact that narrowing the scope of who I was wanting to attract to my business was beneficial, and that also meant at the same time I would be repelling others who aren't my ideal clients- and that's okay, too.

I quickly learned there is freedom in getting really specific about my ideal client, because in everything I create in my business, from my captions to the images I use on social media, I can ask myself "would Brie like this?"

Yes, ya'll- I named my fictitious avatar, and you should too!

So if you haven't created an ideal client profile yet, I highly encourage you to do so.

And don't worry, once you get really good at speaking to her or him, you will attract many others just like them!

Questions to Create an Ideal Client Profile:

*These are the ones I personally used for my girl, but you can add in more specific questions depending on the type of business you have, or product/service you sell! 1. Where does your client live? (City, rural area, midwest, bi-coastal... get specific)

2. How old is your client? 3. What is your client's marital status? 4. Does your client have kids?

5. What does your client do for a living? 5. How much does your client make annually?

6. What are your client's hobbies? What do they do in their spare time?

7. What shows does your client get into? What books/magazines do they read?

8. What are your clients struggles that you can help with?

9. Where does your ideal client hang out online? (social platforms)

10. How does your ideal client like to take in content (blogs, podcasts, videos)

11. What kind of branding is your ideal client more attracted to? (bright/bold colors, neutral and understated, clean and modern, simplistic)

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