Why You Need to Start Actively Growing Your Email List, and How to Get Started TODAY

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg made a Facebook announcement that ruffled a lot of business owners' feathers- and for good reason!

Facebook (and Instagram) is yet again shifting their algorithm in a way that favors personal posts from your friends and family over posts from businesses and brands.

If you've used Facebook/Instagram for business for a while, this isn't big news- our organic reach was already pretty limited. But this new announcement has business owners nervous thinking "how much less organic exposure can we possibly get?!"

Which begs the question: are we giving social media too much control in our overall strategies?

Yes, thousands of engaged followers on our social platforms can eventually translate into profit, but guess who owns that list of followers?

Not you. Not me.


If one of them decided tomorrow to pull the plug and take all your followers along with it, where would your business stand? If you're anything like me, your business would be in deep trouble because your followers are your biggest asset. Which is why it's crucial to invest in other ways to grow and nurture your potential clients/customers. One of the best ways to do just that is by growing your email list.

Reasons for Growing Your Email List: 1. You own it. From the first to the ten-thousandth subscriber, you have complete control over your email list- even if you switch email software, you can take your list along with you.

2. Emails aren't controlled by an algorithm.

EVERYONE actively subscribed on your list will receive the content you send out.

3. People check their email everyday, often multiple times a day.

How to Incorporate an Email List Based on Your Type of Business:

If you're a service-based business owner like a hairdresser, photographer, realtor, or graphic designer, by sending out regular emails once or twice a week, it gives you another way to stay front and center in your clients' minds. It also gives you an opportunity to present yourself as the expert in your field by offering helpful tips/tricks based around your business + your clients' needs/interests. If you're a product-based business owner with a brick and mortar, Etsy shop, or maybe you work for an MLM company, email is a great way to offer discount codes, announce new products, offer tutorials on how to use your products, and showcase the ways buyers can incorporate your product into their lives.

If you're an online business owner, strategic and thoughtful emails are a way to warm up and establish trust with your audience, making them way more likely to buy your course or digital product down the road.

How to Get Started with Your Email List

1. Pick an Email Marketing Service Provider

Click here to see my comparison of top providers for solo-preneurs or small businesses.

2. Always Get Permission First

It may be tempting to add your existing Google contact list to your business email list, but not only is this wrong.. it's ILLEGAL, ya'll.

ALSO- it's just as annoying/wrong/spammy/ILLEGAL to add someone's email they display on Instagram to your email list. This real life has happened to me twice now, and once from an online business I otherwise would have be more than happy to join their community... had they received my permission first.

3. Have Multiple, Easy Ways for People to Subscribe to Your List

Display opt-ins on multiple platforms to maximize your reach: - homepage of website (try and avoid a pop-up if possible)

- all social media pages

- URL on Instagram

- calls to action on blogs/social media posts

- email signature

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