Email Marketing Service Provider Pros & Cons for Solo-preneurs

Email marketing is a great way to keep your clients/followers in the loop with with everything that's going on in your business, AND more importantly, build a trusting relationship by sharing a special glimpse into your business that no one else gets to see.

Best part- when people subscribe to your list they're saying they want MORE of you and they want to be first to know when you have any news or new product/service to offer them.

Here is a comparison of the top email marketing service providers for beginners, solo-preneurs, or very small businesses.

DO NOT get overwhelmed by the tech-y stuff. If you're just getting started out, focus more on picking one that jives with your budget.

Don't forget you can always get fancy later!

Mad Mimi

  • Free up to 100 subscribers ($10 - 27/month for 101-5,000 subscribers)

  • Simple drap & drop features if you're technically challenged, with good design, but less templates

  • More affordable than Mailchimp once your list grows past 2,000


  • Not a lot of data management options and reporting

  • Cannot split test your images, subject lines, copy, etc.

  • Compatible with fewer 3rd party companies, so check with your email provider you plan to use first to see if they integrate

Mail Chimp

  • Free up to 2,000 subscribers, then $25+/month depending on data volume + subscribers

  • More complex data management and statistics reporting

  • Ability to split test

  • Responsive templates (will resize and reformat depending on what device its being viewed from)

  • Integrates with more 3rd party companies


  • Slightly higher learning curve due to more features

  • More expensive monthly once you have over 2k subscribers

Get Response


  • Most expensive option once you get past 5,000 subscribers


  • FREE 30-day trial + free up to 500 subscribers, then $8 - 39/month for 500 - 5,000 subscribers

  • Easy to use

  • "Smart" templates- you pick your colors/fonts and they help you choose which template is right for your email

  • List segmentation and a few analytics reporting options


  • Templates aren't as customizable as other options

  • Cannot split test

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