First Year in Business Wisdom: Lesson 5

Hi there!

Welcome to the final lesson in my "First Year in Business Wisdom" series.

If you've been following along, I wanted to take a moment to just say, thank you- I know you're busy and I really appreciate your time!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, thank you for stopping by, and feel free to check out the first four lessons I wrote when reflecting on my first year in business with Bustle+Buzz: Lesson #1: You can't do it all on your own

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Lesson #4: Stop the negative comparisons

Lesson #5: It doesn't have to be perfect

I've already admitted I'm a perfectionist, and it wasn't until I started Bustle+Buzz that I realized how detrimental those tendencies can be when running a business, if you're not careful.

For instance, the amount of time I can fixate on the smallest, most insignificant details is absurd.

Remember the graphic I spent three hours creating, then ended up deleting? Ridiculous!

But where my perfectionist tendencies were hurting me the most was when I would try to model B+B to look and act like a major brand that's been running for years, with teams of people, and lots of money!

In other words, I was trying to go from infant to adult while skipping the necessary awkward teenage years.

And we all know, you do NOT skip the awkward teen years.

This ended up being paralyzing in regard to B+B's content.

Yes, I was slammed serving my clients, but had I not wasted so much time worrying about how perfect I wanted my posts and blogs to look and sound, I could have put out a lot more content than I did.

That's embarrassing and irresponsible.

Yes, branding is important.

Yes, consistent branding should be something you're working toward.

But I would argue putting out consistent content for your followers/clients is far more important and beneficial to your business than how polished that content looks.

"Pursue simple; get fancy later." - Amy Porterfield

Fact of the matter is, a brand is going to evolve naturally over time. But a brand can't evolve if you're not showing up and putting yourself out there, first.

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