2 | How to Embrace Your Own 6 Figure Influencer

In this episode, learn all about the meaning behind the podcast title and how you can step into your own version of a 6 figure influencer. I’m also sharing three ways to start showing up and generating massive success in your online business. Let’s dive in!

Episode highlights:

  • The meaning behind the podcast title - the vibe of 6 figures and what it means to be an influencer (2:05)

  • Making a living online - it is possible to make 6 figures online (3:50)

  • How to start showing up and the delivering your message to set yourself apart (5:00)

  • Be a content creator - the one thing all successful online business owners have in common is creating content specific to their audience (6:04)

  • Actively growing your audience and having a steady stream of leads at all times + what I see business owners doing wrong (7:09)

  • Rapid fire growth strategy ideas (8:49)

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