17 | Fast Track Your Success with This Simple Exercise

I’m breaking down a super simple exercise you can do today to assess how you show up on social media and why you may not be getting the results you want. I describe my own attraction marketing experience and how I applied it to my business to gain a deeper insight on how I was showing up for my audience. I am so excited to share this aha moment with you and walk you through how to do the exercise in your own business.

  • I share my experience of stumbling upon another business coach who blew me away in a short amount of time with how she showed up online for her audience (0:50)

  • How this turned into an a-ha moment for me to ask myself how I am showing up for my own followers and how many of us hold ourselves back from showing up because we think we need more experience or expertise. (2:33)

  • I talk about the importance of taking action from the place you want to be and why it is important to show up NOW as the business owner/coach/team leader you aspire to be in the future in order to get the results you want. (5:05)

  • I share a quick activity you can do today to see where you might be dropping the ball in how you show up for your audience and ways you can take your online presence to the next level. (7:20)

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