16 | Kathryn Shubert Interview: Business Doubled Thanks to IG Stories

This episode, I’m interviewing Kathryn Shubert, an Instagram story boss who utilizes them so effectively and consistently she has doubled her business the past 6 months with a babe on her hip. We are talking about her struggles showing up on stories at first and how she overcame those fears to become an IG story expert. Kathryn shares her top tips for stories that have helped her grow her audience and business. She dives into best practices for marketing your product in stories and how to balance sharing business and personal content.

  • How I met Kathryn and became quickly obsessed with how she showed up on her stories as a new mom killing the game (3:39)

  • Kathryn’s background using Instagram and how stories made a big difference in her direct sales business. She shares how she started using stories more personally to using them consistently to grow her business (6:00)

  • Kathryn’s approach to using stories and how she got over her fear of showing up to now showing up consistently and how that helped her gain momentum in her business. (11:20)

  • She shares her top tips for stories, what types of content to post, and tangible things you can take away to implement yourself. (19:05)

  • Q&A with Kathryn from you all including how she shows up when in a funk, how she deals with haters, showing up authentically and going above and beyond to give value, and balancing personal and business content. (31:50)

  • How Kathryn incorporates products into her stories without being salesy and best practices for demonstrating them in your stories effectively. (53:26)

Find Kathryn on IG at: https://www.instagram.com/kathrynmshubert/

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