15 | Instagram Story Tips & Tricks

I did a little experiment with Instagram stories and I’m letting you in on all the details and results. I am talking some Instagram story logistics and giving some tips for how to do stories most effectively for your business. I’m breaking down content and design to get the best reach and engagement from your audience.

  • Why showing up in stories is so important for your business and growth (1:30)

  • I share the details of an experiment I did in my own business where I started showing up even more than usual on stories and the impact I saw on my reach and sales (3:15)

  • I explain a current IG story glitch you may be experiencing yourself when recording and uploading stories and two ways I work around it that you can do too (6:02)

  • Why sharing behind the scenes content in your stories is so important to your business overall (9:20)

  • Best practices for adding captions, stickers, polls, etc to grab your audience’s attention and get the most engagement from your stories (12:56)

  • Ways you can get the most reach from your stories and get your content in front of as many eyes as possible (16:46)

  • Why it is so important to take the time to engage with other people’s posts and stories (19:04)

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