14 | Sarah Bridgeman Interview: A Holistic Approach to Success

I am so excited to share with you my first interview on the 6 Figure Influencer podcast. You’ll meet my sweet friend and past client, Sarah Bridgeman, a certified holistic health counselor who supports and guides her clients through creating sustainable positive life changes to support their wellness and life goals. We talk about how important taking care of ourselves is and why we must become aware of the choices we are making every day that impact our life and health.

  • How I met Sarah and became friends after becoming a customer of hers and got to know her business when she came to me for help with starting her holistic counseling practice. (2:34)

  • Sarah’s take on taking care of ourselves and how it is active process of become aware of our choices as we move towards a healthier life. (6:50)

  • What holistic health is and how it takes into account multiple factors of your lifestyle and not just symptoms. (7:44)

  • Sarah talks about what it looks like to make a change actually get results when many of us don’t take the first step. You may not see your end goal immediately when you make a change, but you have to make the decision anyway. (10:28)

  • How our brain wants us to take comfortable and the impact our thoughts have on everything we do. Why we have to do the uncomfortable in order to get unstuck from the patterns our brain is used to. (15:33)

  • Why we get sick and what our bodies are trying to tell us when our immune systems are impacted by stress. (20:15)

  • Sarah gives practical tips for those wanting to start focusing on themselves and upleveling their health and lives. (24:30)

Resources Mentioned:

Sarah’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahdbridgeman/

Sarah's Website: https://sarahbridgeman.com

Sarah’s programs/book a call: https://sarahbridgeman.com/programs/

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