13 | The Kick in the A** I Needed: Takeaways from a Flubbed Pitch

I am getting super raw and real in this episode and walking you through what I learned from a not so great pitch I delivered on a recent training. I talk about what happened when I got in my own head about selling and the three lessons I took away from the experience. So many things can derail us in our businesses, but at the end of the day a part of our job as entrepreneurs is to test strategies that take us out of our comfort zone. And even more important is to learn from our mistakes and get better.

  • I am telling you in detail what happened when I completely flubbed a pitch at the end of a free training I was so excited about (2:45)

  • What I was offering to my audience and why I felt so strongly that this one time promotional offer was a perfect fit for those who needed this type of support. (7:03)

  • How it all went down- promotion, filling the spots for the training, how many signed up and showed up live. (11:42)

  • What happened when it came time to share my offer that I felt so passionately about. (15:00)

  • How my energy changed when I got to the pitch and my raw thoughts about what people thought when I made the offer. (15:59)

  • How the new strategy and pitch actually went beautifully, but I let the negative energy from my flubbed pitch steal my joy from the success. (19:09)

  • What happened the next day after I looked at it with fresh eyes, owned what happened and realized the lessons learned from this experience. (20:26)

  • I go over my three biggest takeaways from what happened so you can apply them to your own business and not make the same mistakes I did. (24:07)

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