12 | Hashtags: Why the F They’re So Important + Best Practices

If you have been needing to get your hashtag game on point, this is the episode for you. I’m walking you through seven hashtag best practices to help you use them the right way and avoid common pitfalls. After this episode, you’ll have direction for creating your own hashtag strategy and how to grow your audience consistently using hashtags. Rather than blindly choosing random words and phrases, you’ll learn what categories of hashtags to include and HOW to use them most effectively. .

  • Why hashtags are so important to your instagram strategy and how they can help you grow effectively without spending a ton of marketing dollars. (3:13)

  • Examples from my own Instagram account on how hashtags in my posts impact my reach and growth. (4:20)

  • How hashtags helped an ideal client find me and reach out to me for my help in launching her beauty brand. (5:36)

  • I talk about using all 30 hashtags available and where to put them for the best aesthetic in your feed. (6:52)

  • Why you shouldn’t use the same set of hashtags for every post and the advantage of using different categories to reach your ideal client. (9:14)

  • How to research the hashtags you want to use and what elements to pay attention to including how large the audiences are and whether they are banned. (15:20)


Hashtag Like a Boss Workshop

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