10 | Change Your Beliefs = Change Your Life

Today I am diving deeper into limiting beliefs and why they are so important to overcome in order to be successful. I talk about how to become aware of them and then how to resolve them. It isn’t easy and it takes work, but you will be so glad you invested your time and energy into stopping that mean girl you have in your head in her tracks. We can no longer cling to our limitations in order to see growth. In this episode, I am teaching you how to break through those negative thoughts once and for all.

  • I define what limiting beliefs are and how they can be so sneaky in our everyday lives. (4:28)

  • Why you have to uncover your limiting beliefs in order to create a better future for yourself. You can’t move forward with the same mindset! (7:56)

  • I give an example of how limiting beliefs can hold you back in your business and talk about our tendency to want to defend them with everything we have rather than working through them. (10:34)

  • My call to action for you this episode-start paying attention to your thoughts and beliefs so you can start to create NEW ones that will serve you so much better. (14:11)

  • Why it’s SO important you move past your limiting beliefs now and stop letting them hold you back from your best self. (17:47)

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