Power Hour Guide

Power Hour Guide


I'm so excited for you to get your hands on this juicy 'POWER HOUR' guide! Grab it here


I was inspired to create this because recently my son's nanny was out for a few days, which meant Chris and I were back to doing the business/baby balancing act.. the one you probably know all too well.


And while I enjoyed the extra time with Crews, it made the work day complicated and dang exhausting! By the time we had him down for his nap and it was time to get to work in my business, I needed a nap, too!


This experience took me RIGHT back to the early days of building my business- back before we had any child-care support.

Back to when the ONLY time I had time to focus on work was his naps and small pockets of time here and there.


It hit me that this is probably where SO many of you are at right now in your own businesses.

You're balancing your business with something-

a baby or babies, another job,.. life..

Whatever your situation is, you have a limited amount of time each day or week and you need to make the absolute most out of it.


And that's where the POWER HOUR guide comes in.

I created a guide, complete with what I consider the most important business-building social media tasks, so that you can take out the guess work and finally have the peace of mind that you're maximizing each and every minute!