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Launch Love

Love the launch, sell with ease, attract in abundance. đź–¤

Earning money from your brilliant creations gets to be light, fun and as easy as you want it to be.
As a matter of fact- the more it is, the more impact and money you'll likely make (speaking from experience).

I've spent four years practicing and perfecting launching my own offers- using every strategy in the book:
from investing thousands running ads.. to $20k days posting a few graphics to my stories.. and everything in between.

If I've learned anything from my years of experience it's this:

It's not the strategy that determines the results..

It's YOU, your energy and how you feel about a specific strategy in this moment in time.

You are not a robot designed to crank out an inordinate amount of actions a day in order to produce a result.

You are a human with emotions, feelings and an ever-changing life that are there (by design) to lead you to your most aligned actions and decisions, moment to moment, day by day.

What does this mean when it comes to your business?

The best way to generate sales can and will change over time.

This is why I have created LAUNCH LOVE.

In LAUNCH LOVE- you will learn two proven, very different ways of launching that you can interchange depending on what feels best for you at a given time..

In addition to everything else you need to know so that you can be prepared and lead your next launch to success and max sales with confidence, ease, flow and even fun.

LAUNCH LOVE will be a 4 part training so that you can implement the strategies as soon as you desire.

As a member of LAUNCH LOVE, you can expect to learn:

đź–¤How to get crystal clear on who you are ready to serve now (ideal client)
đź–¤What problem(s) you solve via your current/future offers
đź–¤Ways you can solve your ideal clients' problem (offer ideas!)
đź–¤Different container ideas (masterminds, 1:1 offers, group programs, memberships, etc)
đź–¤How to price your offer in a way that is expansive for everyone, especially you
đź–¤Different ways to sell/accept money your offers
đź–¤Launch strategies (robust/ planned out and ease/flow)
đź–¤Mindset tips to maintain your highest energy and achieve max results during your launch

After purchase, you'll receive instant access to the full training to go at your own pace