LUCKY 777 Pre-Session Questionnaire

Please fill this out at least 24 hours ahead of our session

Since the intention of this offer is for us to create some insane “luck” for the remainder of the year in life and business, I encourage you to answer these questions when you feel your most confident, connected to your truth and powerful.


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Instagram handle

Question 3 of 8

• Tell me about you first (anything important I should know that would contribute and affect a strategy for the rest of the year) and then, the business you would like to strategize on during our call together:

Question 4 of 8

• If you could change anything about your life / business, what would those things be?

Question 5 of 8

• What is your BIG PICTURE vision for life and business?
think 5-years ahead and think BIG.

Question 6 of 8

• What is your vision for life and business for now and the remainder of the year?

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• If something(s) were in your way, slowing you down, blocking you, etc… what would this/these be?

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• Anything else I should know?

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